Concrete Cleaning

Concrete doesn’t always look dirty but once you start to clean it you can always see the difference.  After a few days of exposure to dirt, wind, rain and daily grime a buildup begins to take place discoloring the concrete.  When we clean your concrete we use chemicals that not only clean the concrete but helps brighten the concrete giving your concrete a little bit of a shine. Do you notice black spots on your concrete?  These spots are gum that have been thrown down and dried and over time have turned black because of dirt that has collected to it.  When these spots are cleaned you will still see an oil stain where the gum once was but after multiple cleanings this oil residue will begin to disappear.


Commercial/Residential Services

Concrete gets dirty from road grime and everyday travels making the concrete get dark. After a little while the darkness begins to look natural but in reality it is very dirty.

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